Dead Good Facts

The chips are down

5.1 million potatoes are thrown away each day in the UK alone. Many of them because they aren’t adequately packaged.

Potatoes in bags last up to three days longer, meaning more time to eat them and less chance of food waste.

Cucumbers in Crisis

Unpackaged cucumbers turn dull and soft after only 3 days, meaning millions can go to waste in supermarkets every single day.

Wrapping them in plastic extends their life by as much as 14 days. That's two week extra of tasty salads.

Going Bananas

1.6 million bananas are wasted every day in the UK because they have prematurely turned brown.

Those wrapped in bags last longer than those sold loose in supermarkets.

Reduce Waste, Buy Packaged

All products that are thrown away or damaged due to insufficient packaging cause a lot of unnecessary waste.

Replacing, re-growing, re-manufacturing and re-transporting uses over 10 times more resources than packaging them properly in the first place.

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This website has been created by INCPEN – an international organisation for research on packaging and the environment. It aims to understand and improve the environmental and social impacts of packaged products. Established in 1974, its members are manufacturers and retailers who operate at all stages in the supply chain. They collaborate to optimise packaging and minimise the environmental footprint of packaged goods to help consumers live more sustainably.

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